26 June 2015

Casual, Romantic Elegance

Casual elegance with a touch of romance was the desired goal for this bride. Armed with her neutral pallet, enthusiasm for unique textures, and general joie de vivre; we knew we'd love the outcome. Using the nude pallet as a foundation, we built layers of texture through flowers and foliages in her bouquet, and reception pieces, to create visual interest and depth. Sahara roses, anemones, succulents, orchids, olive branches and grasses all came together to bring her vision to life. 

Venue: The Club at Hillbrook

Photo Credit: Ken Pak Photography

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Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 6.21.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 6.22.26 PM.png
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30 August 2014

Modern English Garden

Wedding planning can be complicated, especially when you reside out of the country as this bride did! Through a series of phone consultations, meetings with the Mother of the Bride, and emails we brought together her vision of a casual, english garden inspired wedding. Peach "Juliette" garden roses, dahlias, succulents, and ranunculus provided each bouquet with the lush, romantic, garden look she sought.

Venue: The Club at Hillbrook

Photo Credit: Imagen Photography


31 May 2015

An Evening with the Masters

Unique venues are extremely popular, and The Butler Institute of American Art is stellar.  The galleries remain open for your guests to meander through, creating a vibe that is difficult to match in traditional spaces. Rebecca was open to rich textures to compliment her color pallet; our flower pull ranged from traditional hydrangea, to eryngium (thistles), and even fresh blueberries! We loved the addition of fresh herbs and succulents in her bouquets.

Venue: Butler Institute of American Art

Photo Credit: Ferrerfoto


14 November 2015

Have Flowers. Will Travel.

We're always willing to go the extra mile for our brides. Literally. We followed this bride to Chicago! Tara loved our take on design, and we love an adventure, the rest is history. Her mother, Michelle, runs an adorable vintage shop (Life is Sweet) in our town and provided all the gorgeous antiques featured in her wedding. The warmth and history of these items perfectly matched the desired vintage look of the flowers. The sunflower take-away was truly the icing on the cake for this beautiful event.

Venue: Galleria Marchetti Chicago

Photo credit: Cusic Photography 


18 October 2014

Classic Made Modern

Pulling from traditional wedding flowers, Megan was looking to compliment and soften the modern venue chosen for her wedding reception. The Akron Art Museum provides an excellent pallet of clean, crisp, modern lines to accentuate your reception experience.  Pairing classic lily of the valley with the clean line of callas, we softened the transition with parrot tulips and woven lily grass to complete the marriage of these two concepts. The end result was a beautiful rendition of flowers as art.

Venue: Akron Art Museum

Photo credit: Karen Menyhart Photography



I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday.

I called my father up after a long day spent in an unpleasant work environment. "I am going to search out loans from banks. It's time to go it alone... I've been doing this too long for other people. I can't do it anymore." A flurry of emails and plans and negotiations and numbers and equations followed. They added up to this: 

My father gave me a flower shop. 

Fifteen months later he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Four months later, he breathed his last breath on this earth. 

It was the opening day of my first installation as floral artist.

For some people, floral design is a craft. A daily exercise of an accumulation of practiced movements toward a certain predetermined arrangement. They lack life...inspiration, or an honoring of the time taken to bring those materials to this space and time. 

It may be too serious, or metaphysical, or heavy for an initial blog, but there is one thing I will always accept being accused of: I will always be real. The arrangements made in this space will be real, and taken as an honor to the man that made our dream possible. We won't compromise on that. This is not just a job or craft to us. It is an art.

Whew, glad all the serious stuff is over! Dad made us laugh, taught us that despite all the negative aspects and events in life; there is always joy... or at least a silly face to break up the monotony! That to take ourselves too seriously is the truest mistake in life. There is always room for change, room for growth, and best of all room to laugh!!! He may not have understood art (this IS the man that went through an entire major metropolitan museum in under 45 minutes) but he did respect those capable of creating it. 

My father gave me a flower shop.

I hope to give you so much more.